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about dan

For Senator Dan Stec, public service is more than an interest; it’s a calling.

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Born and raised in Queensbury, Dan was the first of his family to go to college and worked his way
through Clarkson by bussing tables and working in a pulp mill. After finishing his education, Dan began
his career of public service by entering the U.S. Navy nuclear power program and serving for eight years
as a nuclear engineer onboard the USS Truxtun.
During this time, he was stationed in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm and on Caribbean
anti-drug operations. While serving in the Navy, he also earned an MBA from the University of Rhode
Island. After eight years of service in the Navy, Dan returned home. The call to serve continued.
Dan served as a Town Councilman and Town Supervisor in his hometown of Queensbury, where he was
the youngest supervisor in over 100 years. He was then twice was unanimously elected Chairman of the
Warren County Board of Supervisors. In 2012, he decided there was even more he could do to help his
communities and chose to run for New York State Assembly in the 114 th District. He won, and in 2013
began an eight-year stint as a State Assemblyman.
As Assemblyman for one of the largest districts in the state, Dan got right to work on behalf of his
constituents. One of his first successful pieces of legislation was a constitutional amendment stripping
corrupt politicians of a taxpayer-funded pension. Following that he helped pass three constitutional
amendments supporting his hometown Adirondacks into law, advocated for increased broadband
access and cell phone service in rural areas and pushed for more jobs and economic opportunity for
In 2020, Dan left the Assembly and ran for New York State Senate in the 45 th District. In the election held
on November 3, he won a commanding victory. In his first two years, he’s proven to be an active and
effective Senator.
Dan’s been a leader in the push to enact common sense public safety initiatives, calling for a full repeal
of the failing bail reform laws and the HALT Act, which has put the lives of corrections officers at risk.
He’s also been a leader in the push back against Executive overreach and the use of unchecked power by
the governor’s office. Dan has also taken steps to improve the quality of life for his constituents and led
the successful effort to repeal the costly broadband tax that has impeded high-speed internet access.
Dan Stec is running for re-election in the 45th District. Having represented most of these communities in
the Assembly and Senate, he’s the proven, experienced choice we need.

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